Our story in Blockchain world

At Welto, we think a lot about blockchain. Just a few years back the idea of digital currency appealed only to people who wanted to keep their money out of the traditional banking system. It was largely seen as a black market bank. People were hesitant about this new technology. A lot has changed. The exponential growth of Bitcoin and introduction of new cryptocurrencies resulted in the “gold rush” effect around the globe. Entire states have officially started to recognize Bitcoin as a form of digital payment. In 2017, Japan became the first country to officially do so, opening the door to a world of opportunities for one of the major players in the blockchain market.

As Bitcoin's success caught people's attention, a slew of new cryptocurrencies appeared on the market. Improvements to blockchain technology resulted in the creation of Ethereum, a cryptocurrency managed through a worldwide network of users' computers. Startups began initial coin offerings (ICO) and investors made millions. And yes, we got sucked into buying tokens offered at ICOs.

Demand and rapid growth naturally resulted in consumers trying to find ways to spend their digital cash. Part of the problem was that payment systems for goods and services still had not fully adapted to the blockchain world. We decided to solve that problem. Welto was born.

Welto is a simple to use application where users can pay bills directly from their cryptocurrency account. No need to transfer funds and wait five days for the transaction to clear. Creating an account takes less than 30 seconds. Log in, select the bill to pay, the cryptocurrency wallet to use and it's done. It takes a few seconds. Payments can be between $5 and $300 and post in 24 to 48 hours. Users can track payment status from the dashboard in their account. And Welto works with BTC, LTC, ETH, ZEN, CRW, ETC, making it useful for just about anyone who has money in a digital form.

Besides paying bills and tracking your money, we have developed a dashboard to keep track of users' finances all in one place. Features like budget tracking, payment calendar, goal tracking and more help users stay on top of their money. We are very excited for what the future will bring to Welto users the world of digital currency. We hope you enjoy our application as much as we do and give it a try today. We have some upcoming announcements, so stay tuned for more new and exciting features

Gene C.

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