WELTO has been integrated with most popular Blockchain services Coinbase and CoinPayments


As for now, we allow paying bills with Bitcoin within Coinbase platform. So, if a user has Coinbase-wallet, it works even faster. Bitcoins come to our wallet truly immediately and we start paying the bill after that right away. If a customer doesn't have Coinbase-wallet, we allow pay from another wallet with Coinbase-friendly QRcode.

We also integrated with CoinPayments to allow pay with altcoins. We implemented paying bills with Ethereum (ETH) and continue working on adding other altcoins. Next in order: ZenCash (ZEN), Crown (CRW), Ethereum Classic (ETC). Integration to be continued...

Let's take an advantage of our services and be early adopters in new amazing crypto-world. Do not wait, try it right today. Go to Welto website and register online :)

Chef Technology Officer,
Dmitriy Sazonov

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