WELTO with CoinPayments continue integrates coins and accepting LTC (Litecoin) for paying utility bills

Awesome news! Introducing Litecoin in Welto App.

We continue integrate coins in Welto App to allow our customers pay their bills with more and more coins. Today we have just implemented paying bills with LTC (Litecoin) and released this new functionality in Web, Google Play Store and continue realizing to Apple App Store.

We are making our processing with CoinPayments, who allows more than 65+ cryptocurrencies. So, as for now, customers of WELTO App can pay bills with BTC, ETC, ETH, ZEN, CRW and LTC.

Besides of that, we also added an ability to use a base currencies: CAD (Canadian dollar) and GBP (Great Britain Pound).

Stay tuned for more news from us. Integration to be continued...


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